How to make coffee with a chemex



Fill your kettle and set to boil.

Weigh out whole bean coffee.


Using a Chemex® filter, fold and place 3-layered side of filter against the spout side. Rinse filter with 16oz of hot water to remove paper taste & preheat the decanter. Discard the water, or water your plants.


Place Chemex on scale and zero out.

Grind your coffee, we recommend a grind that resembles sea-salt.

Pour coffee into filter & confirm your whole bean weight did not change.


Zero your scale, start the timer & begin evenly and slowly saturating your coffee over 30 seconds with twice the amount of water (2x26g= 52g).


At one minute, continue to pour 70-100g of water in a clockwise pattern, center to edge. Be careful not to pour directly on the edge (1cm away is a good rule), or expose the grounds to air until the brew is finished.

Continue your controlled pours of 70-100g in stages, until you reach the desired final weight.

If the grind is correct, 400g will take 4 minutes, 505g, 5 minutes & 795g, 6 minutes.

And Finally:

Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy!

PS: To see steps for other brew methods, go to the brew methods page. If you want to order a brew methods poster, complete with water to coffee ratios, place your order here.