How to make coffee with a French press



Fill your kettle and set to boil. Make sure you're boiling enough to fill your French Press.

As water's heating, weigh out whole bean coffee and then grind it. So fresh. 


Pour double the amount of water than ground coffee in the French Press (e.g. if you're brewing 30 grams of coffee, then add 60 grams of boiling water). Agitate with a spoon and then let it bloom for about 30 seconds.


Add the rest of your water to the press and position the lid on top, but DO NOT plunge just yet.

Set a timer for four minutes.


Slowly plunge down, separating the grounds from the liquid gold.

And Finally:

Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy immediately – allowing the coffee to remain in the French Press will continue the brewing process, which will result in an over-extracted cup!

PS: To see steps for other brew methods, go to the brew methods page. If you want to order a brew methods poster, complete with water to coffee ratios, place your order here.