The Regional Tee 001


Regale your friends with regional coffee knowledge just by wearing a shirt. Proudly made here in the USA. #RegionalTee 

Limmu: A region in the southwest of Ethiopia known for its washed coffees that, when roasted lightly, burst with fruity notes of blueberry and strawberry.

Volcán Barú: At 11,401ft, this active volcano is also the tallest mountain in Panama. Growing at this elevation leads to a bean that matures more slowly and results in a harder, denser bean.  

Mogiana: This region of southeast Brazil was named after the company that used to run a train line through this coffee-producing area. With a slew of micro-climates, coffees from this region can greatly differ in flavor profiles.

Huehuetenango: Not only is this one of the most fun words to say aloud (hoo-way-hoo-way-ten-on-go), it’s also where Guatemala cultivates some of its highest and driest coffees. Cupping notes regularly celebrate this coffee’s pleasant fruit, chocolate, and plum flavors.

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Clementine Coffee brings you the best single-origin coffees in the world. But, too often, the regions these coffees come from are hidden in labels, under the tasting notes, or behind some flashy logo. The Regional Tee takes a stand to celebrate the wonderful regions from which our coffees are cultivated.